1964 Jazz Meets the Folk Song Paul Winter Sextet
 1968  Scavenger Nat Adderley 
 1968 Something Else Again  Richie Havens 
 1969 Beverly Glenn-Copeland  Beverly Glenn-Copeland 
 1969 Kathy Smith  Kathy Smith 
 1973 Still Alive and Well  Johnny Winter 
 1973 Nick Holmes  Nick Holmes 
 1973 Feeling the Space  Yoko Ono Plastic Band & Something Different ARI 
 1974 Mama Kuku  Association P.C. 
 1974 Mixed Bag II  Richie Havens 
 1975 Unfinished Masterpiece  Eddie Palmieri 
 1976 Hank Crawford's Back Hank Crawford
 1976 Melting Pots Susie Monick 
 1976 Tico Rico  Hank Crawford 
 1977 The Fox  Urbie Green 
 1977 Turn This Mutha Out  Idris Muhammad 
1977 Crawl Space Art Farmer
1977 Towering Toccata Lalo Schifrin
1978 Boogie to the Top Idris Muhammad
1978 Mantilla (also produced by Steig) Ray Mantilla
1980 Hip Address David Earle Johnson
1981 Route Two David Earle Johnson, John Abercrombie, Dan Wall
1981 Taking Off Poetry & Jazz Barry Wallenstein
1981 Tom Lellis Tom Lellis
1983 Richard P. Havens, 1983 Richie Havens
1984 To Be So Far Away Rodlfo Alchourron with Southern Exposure
1989 Illumination Walter Davis, Jr.
1990 Best of Art Farmer Art Farmer
1990 Brooklyn Blues Danny Gottlieb
1992 Next Future Eddie Gomez
1995 Best of Verve Bill Evans
1996 From the Archives, Vol. 1 Tommy Bolin
1997 Complete Bill Evans on Verve Bill Evans
1997 Dedication Eddie Gomez
1998 From the Archives, Vol. 2 Tommy Bolin
1998 Uptown Music Eddie Gomez
2003 Southern Exposure Tom Lellis
2005 Spread Love Like Wildfire Down To The Bone