"Pass-the-Hat" Monthly Matinee
-Enjoy live jazz flute over a cup of coffee-

From December 2017, we will hold our monthly "pass-the-hat" Saturday matinee at JEREMY'S as we extend our imagination to the days when Jeremy was an aspiring young musician in Greenwich Village.

JEREMY'S opened in Yokohama, Japan on September 22 to pay tribute to the late jazz flutist/artist Jeremy Steig. (We'll be in business till the end of May 2020.) It is a cozy space where guests can enjoy his favorite coffee and sweets and view/purchase his drawings.

The interior of the gallery/cafe is inspired by the many pictures Jeremy drew of New York's coffee houses from the '50s and '60s, where he began performing when he was still in high school. At coffee houses, people passed a hat around to pay the performers. According to his own account, he used to hang out with waitresses and musicians, and drew on paper napkins after school. There, everything began for Jeremy as a professional musician. To view details click here.

Matinee Calendar

 December 16, 2017  January 20, 2018  February 24, 2018
 Masashi Umeki Duo
(Alto flute & piano
Kazumi Nakamura Trio
(Flute, harmonica & piano)
Yuko Hayama Trio 
His father who is well-versed in Western music and his mother who plays koto (Japanese harp) encouraged Masashi to begin his piano lessons at a very young age. Due to illness, he had to give them up, but later, Jeremy Steig’s passionate playing inspired him to take up the flute, another instrument he had always been interested to play. He has studied classical flute, jazz flute and folk music under prestigious teachers. Masashi has also been a winner of the third prize in Rentaro Taki composition competition.  Kazumi began her electronic organ lessons at four. She chose the flute as her primary instrument in junior high school brass band and went on to study classical flute with Akiyoshi Okazaki at Shobi-Gakuen Junior College in Saitama, Japan. She has been an enthusiastic student of jazz and improvisation and studied under Kay Hirai, Ryo Sakagami and Shinpei Inoue. She is an active member of flute ensembles and local big bands. She also plays in self-produced jazz concerts.
Yuko began her electronic organ lessons when she was very young. She played the flute in junior high school brass band and went on to study classical flute. She recently completed her jazz studies at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Kawasaki, Japan. She heard a flute solo in a jazz tune that was playing in the background at a coffee shop and took interest in jazz. Jeremy Steig's dynamic and colorful sounds, which are “like a painting” and especially his emotional ballads continue to move her deeply. Yuko currently plays concerts in Tokyo and records for TV shows.  
More to come...