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His monthly reports began with our visit to Hiroshima in 2011 and ended with the final entry two weeks before his passing. They include his travel experiences in Japan, nature in Yokohama, episodes from gigs and his thoughts on various topics. He enjoyed the last years of his life in Japan, meeting new people and trying new things.

March 28, 2018
by Asako Steig
I recently came across a comment on a jazz columnist's blogpost by a woman who claims to have been one of the closest acquaintances of Jeremy. In the comment, she mentions his "terminal cancer" together with "the tragedy in Fukushima" (I presume she wants to somehow connect the nuclear fallout following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami to his getting cancer.) and that Jeremy "believed that he was going to live a longer and healthier life in Japan."

To make sure this kind of insensitive, disrespectful, irresponsible and perhaps even malicious comment will never be posted online, I'd like to make clear that Jeremy did not want his death or illness discussed publicly. My official announcement in response to the e-mailed questions from
The New York Times following his passing was that he had died of cancer. That was it. Whatever idea this woman has about his illness, death or why he had moved to Japan is merely her fantasy. I also believe that she is the kind of person who represents and perpetuates the wind which residents of Fukushima who still suffer a bad reputation must walk against.

Jeremy knew her decades ago, but he didn't communicate with her for years. When they did it was because he had a gig somewhere in New York or because he gave drawings to her before he left the U.S. He thought it was better than to throw them away, but regretted the decision when he found a little later that she was already trying to sell them online for very low prices.

A while after we moved, we received a puzzling e-mail at Jeremy's website from the president of an English conversation school in Japan. He had received an e-mail from the same person, who was of course a total stranger to him. She was desperately trying to locate Jeremy Steig. "It must be you," his e-mail said. We couldn't think of a reason why she had decided to contact him, other than the obvious fact that he was an English speaking person living in Japan. After all, Jeremy's website was visible to anybody who had access to the Internet. Jeremy was terribly embarrassed when he wrote back to thank the president for notifying him and asked him to simply ignore her.

The aforementioned post is written by someone whom Jeremy was very happy to be far away from
. Everyday, on the Internet, many things are being said and rumored about many people, both living and dead. We can only try to improve the situation by offering accurate information, especially about the deceased, who can no longer refute the defamer.
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